Kollmorgen servo vs mige feel

Wondering if anyone has any direct comparisons between the small/large mige and kollmorgen servos (I have a K wind specifically). Ignoring cost of course, just feel. I’ve heard people say kollmorgens are “smooth” but also that they have a lot of cogging. I’ve been able to tune out most cogging on mine with sin12(x) at -0.07A. The small mige is said to be more lively and the large has more inertia, but haven’t seen them directly compared against a kollmorgen servo in iracing for example. Anyone with experience in both would be appreciated. Looks like Beano has used various K/G/L windings but haven’t found specific posts comparing it to the mige offerings.

If I were considering that upgrade, I would take a close look at SimuCube2 offerings. I suspect it would be a better value, all things considered (purpose-built motor / improved processing and features, etc.).

Yea the simucube 2 is definitely a better choice, but I’m asking because I already built an AKM54K based sc1 system and I’m curious. I got a really good deal on the servo and I like DIY stuff. But with just a bit more money I could of had an sc2. Maybe I’ll sell it some day and get an sc2 pro