Kollmorgen motor plate

Does anyone know the motor mount dimensions for a kollmorgen akm52? I’m having a dash made and the guy needs the front bold pattern. Diameter of holes and how far apart length and width. I looked on kollmorgen site but it’s confusing for me.

I don’t know if this will help but there is a downloadable .step file in the product page if you have the software to open it:


Edit: The file can be viewed in a web browser if you don’t happen to have CAD software:


You need to provide the full part number to be sure if it is nema specification or standard specification…Kollmorgen servos can have both …

A cording to the kollmorgen website the chassis is the same for all 5 series. The only thing that changes is shaft size and torque values etc. the mounting holes should be the same across all akm 5… series.

I can tell you from 1st hand personal experience, there are different frames for AKM 5x series servos.

The 24mm shafted-servos are typically the std 110mm pcd, whilst the 19mm shafted-servos I found to be NEMA - at least the ones I used in my OSW-developments :wink: My 54G’s had the std flange, my 2x 53K’s had NEMA flange…

So, like I said, we need the complete part-number to be sure which you have.


I will check and feedback tonight, just traveling in Korea currently…