Kollmorgen akm52g resolver and simucube

A friend of mine has a brand new akm52g-ancnr 01 and hes giving me a really good deal on it but its resolver based. I know that simucube doesnt have support for it but is there anyway I could make this servo motor work with simucube? Also i know the ARGON does have support but have read on multiple threads that it is much worse than simucube. If i could get any opinions or ideas i would appreciate it.


Just buy MiGE motor. It is much better than Kollmorgen in this use case. MiGE is smooth, (kollmorgens have a lot of cogging torque that is noticeable in low torque situations), offers plenty of torque, it is relatively energy efficient, is not as expensive and there are many encoder options for it.

However if you really want to get Kollmorgen, try to find second hand encoder for it for example from ebay and replace it by yourself or try to find this kind of Kollmorgen with a supported encoder from ebay or similar sources directly.

Hi Tommi,

I appreciate the feedback and advice. The reason I was considering the Kollmorgen so heavily is because I am able to get it for less than what the MiGe would cost, due to not paying shipping. It probably wouldn’t be, though, with the cost of the encoder too. I guess I just needed someone to tell me to get the MiGe.


Get the Mige with cables. You will be much happier. You could easily spend $150USD just for the Kollmorgen cables.
And to switch AKM to a different encoder is also costly and not an easy job since they like to use alot of thread locker.

And you have the Mige we can help you with setup info.

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I can buy in which company and / or a MIGE 130ST-M15015 motor (30 Nm) + Biss C with cables.

You can buy direct from Lisa at Mige. I can get you her contact info later.

What country are you in?

You can contact Lisa Zhan here, she is very good and responsive, have used her for many years: hzmgdjlisa@gmail.com