Knocking sound turning left and right

Sudddenly i have a metallic knock when I turn the wheel. In iracing when I drive the BMW M8 on a stright at 80km/h and turning the wheel left, right, left right. Every time I turn back from one direction i get a metallic hard knock in the wheel.

I tried different settings in the software, filter etc buit still there… Below two pretty different setups, both same knock, not more or less.

2-3 months old, latest small mige from simracingbay. Driver/firmware: 0.50.4C

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This metallic sound is very easily heard if there is something not quite tight enough in your Quick Release or the shaft coupler.


I was thinking about that also, will have a look and report back.

I can tell you that in 2017, I spent a few hours trying to debug what is wrong in my torque effects. Then I found an ideal debug tool:


Yes, tightened down everything, all good. Thanx again Mika! :sunglasses:


Yes the magic recentering tool!

“My wheel keeps losing the center point. It must be the encoder!” LOL :grin:


Thats why this forum is the best. (And SimuCube)

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This forum and iRacing forum is the best place for help on hardware. Especially OSW


With all of the new people to DD via the SC2 I am very surprised we have not had many of the " I lost all FFB"
And you ask them is the Estop pushed in?

We have all had this DUH moment!! :):smiley:



What car is your profile for iRacing SRS?

Do you have any other cars that you are real happy with the profile?
I am just getting my rig set back up after not racing for a while and I just finished building a new SC1. Before anyone asks, yes I will be getting SC2 PRO? :slight_smile:

My old settings are probably not very relevant anymore.


@Joe, That profile I got from this dude below after seeing his video (I used it on GT-cars).
The other one from a streamer and modified it some myself. I am still playing with settings :slight_smile:

@ Boska
Ok thanks for the info!

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