KartSim and Simucube 2

Does anyone here use KartSim, it’s an add-on inside rFactor 2.

Would anyone be able to share both their Simucube 2 settings and their rFactor settings for the karts?

My settings are passable, but I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere close to how a Kart actually feels in real life to drive.

Does anyone use KartSim here?

It might be that the sim is not giving the right FFB to the wheel anyway or is not otherwise close to being realistic.

Nils Heusinkveld compared the different kart sims a while back (he’s using SC2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxlgvZqc3fo
Maybe you can get some tips from his video?

I already watched that video a few months ago when I was trying to work out a setting that works well.

I’ve got my wheel to a point where it feels heavy and ‘kart-like’ for most of the track. The part where it just sucks though is in the super slow corners, where there’s very minimal FFB going on to the wheel, and the steering is just far too sensitive, and you end up over steering and spinning, where in real life, I am very unlikely to.

Hence seeing if anyone else has any better settings.