KartKraft SC2 settings

someone here with a good simucube 2 pro setting for Kartkraft? when yes please share. thanx

i’m using these settings :wink:

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I read on the Discord they updated the FFB which is suppose to greatly improve the experience. It was terrible last time I tired it so I will give it a go right now.

thanx for sharing. a little better but far from good. its so bumpy in cornering, no smooth steering. you tested it after the KartKraft update? which ingame FFB settings you have. with a good steering this game could be really good.

I tried it both before and after the update. Yes it definitely is improved but still feels weird and notchy. I tried a variety of smoothing and it seemed to make little diffrence. The dev stated Skip steps are no longer required with the new FFB update and they willl be removing the preference in the next update.

Has anyone been playing KartKraft recently? If so, what settings are you using in TrueDrive as well as in-game?

Any update on it? I remember playing it half a year ago but it was terrible

getting a really notchy feel through the corners not sure if it’s just the bumps from the laser-scanned track but it feels unnatural, I’m using the profile settings listed above any ideas how to reduce the noise through the wheel?