Just when I thought I was ready to race

I just got my wheel and Simucube 2 Pro after a 4 month wait.
I was all set up and having a enjoying the best simulation racing I have ever done.
The wheel and Simucube were working flawlessly and was just trying to dial in the ACC settings
Right in the middle of a race heard a small pop and everything turn off screens went black.

Here my PC gave up the ghost, not sure if it is the power supply or mother board that went
Have a new power supply coming as that would be the easiest fix and the cheapest. if it is the board it is a lot more work as it is watercooled , if the board praying it din’t take the CPU with it

So a little more of a delay to be able to use my new hardware :upside_down_face:

Did a little RaceRoom and the Simucube 2 Pro really brings it in that title too