Just Ordered my SC2 Pro from Sim Racing Bay

Hi All,

New here, just as per my title ordered my SC2 Pro, as I was very unhappy with my DD2. Super excited!!! Anyone got any tips once I receive, once I have installed ? I have a few Fanatec wheels which i will be using mainly the BMW gt2 wheel, along the the adapter and usb converter, how wheel does these wheels hold up on a dd wheel? Will probably make my own to suit once I recover from all the money spent on wheels lol

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Hello and welcome, I used the Fanatec Mclaren 650 for a few months and I had no problems so I think that they are good for you.

Thanks for the response Picia71, good to hear

Same as @Picia71.

I’ve been using a converted Fanatec McLaren rim for a few months now with no issue. The plastic does give the occasional creak under heavy torque but it has proven to be up to the job.

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Well super excited to get my SC2 pro, and hope it’s better than the dd2

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Did you guys do any extra reinforcing to the McLaren rim when you did the conversion?

Also how have the switches been holding up?


I haven’t done any extra reinforcement and the switches have functioned without problems.

The shifters were a different story though. They miss shifted/double shifted right from the start so I replaced them with magnetic shifters from SRM which have been flawless.

I should add that I bought my rim used and it was a few months old when I got it.
Also, the standard shifters are notoriously unreliable as you probably already know.

Thanks for the feedback.

I picked up a slightly used one and a brand new SRM conversion kit. So it is not yet converted.

My impression so far it looks pretty nice, but it does feel a little flexible. Similar to how the Thrustmaster Ferrari felt.

After watching SRG video on the conversion I started doubting how long it will hold up.
If the shifters are an issue from day one maybe I ought to just sell it and convert a different wheel. I do not want to spend hundreds more on shifters.

Normally I do alot of research before I buy something, but for some reason I jumped on this one.

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

If I could go back in time I would have opted to spend more and made a one time purchase of a higher end wheel.

In my case, I had just paid for the SC2 and decent pedals so budget was a problem for me.

A converted McLaren rim seemed a slightly more budget friendly way to get into the game until the shifters failed.

Once you factor in the cost of the rim, usb conversion and then the shifters, you aren’t that far away from the cost of a nice boutique rim.

A converted Fanatec rim can and will do the job but for just a few hundred more you could do a lot better, if you have the funds to do so.

Lucky for me I have purchased a BMW GT2 wheel a few years back. Was going to purchase the McClaren rim but wasnt impressed with the plasticness and notorious issues associated with that rim.

I am looking at present to convert a OMP or similar for the SC2 pro , just need to source a decent button plate

You have some good buttonplates here and wheels


Very nice!!! Have you used any of these wheels

me with my Mclaren never a problem of buttons and change. I had a Fanatec base before buying the SC2 and I kept the Mclaren to reduce the costs but now I’ve changed the wheel and the fanatec I keep it as a reserve or I’ll sell it.

Well , just got confirmation from Tomo / DHL that my SC2 Pro will be delivered this Friday :grin::grin::grin: and I will let you know my thoughts, against the DD2. Fanatec have now responded to me and have accepted a return and refund!!!


How long did you had fanatec

Hi Track Select…IMO Martin Ascher is the way to go. i have C26M which is the older version with the carbon shifters and dual clutch and after 2 years of driving NO missed shifts or button presses…Then 2 weeks ago i had a missed downshift… Emailed Martin Ascher. received a reply the next day and he explained it may be the micro switch and this was VERY unusual …So to make a long story short i received 2 new shifters of the latest type aluminium and a new new USB cable and a chocolate in 3 days by DHL and i live in the Philippines at NO COST to me …Now i know Martin products are expensive but quality is not cheap .but good customer service is priceless…regards Denis


Just curious, why were you unhappy with the DD2?

I will be doing a YouTube video on this. There was a variety of reason why I wasnt happy with it, which shouldn’t be the case with a wheel at nearly £1500. I personally feel this was rushed out the door instead of being developed correctly, both engineering and software wise.