Issue with SimuCUBE and CST pedals

@guicarioni posted this in a wrong thread, so I copied his question here to a new thread.

Hi everybody… i need some help here… I bought a CST F1 pedals that comes with a normal usb cable like in the fanatec pedals…and it is connected direct to the usb port in the PC… The pedal calibrates flawless throug the DIview.exe but when i turn on the simucube the brake pedal (assigned as slider in the DIview) dont work… The throtle and clutch work normal (as axis) but the brake is not reconized and just dont work…Any good soul out there can give some orientation please? The fanatec v2 pedals is working normal when connected to the pc and with the simucube but the cst dont…

I really apreciate any help… i was so happy with my new pedal set but now im felling bad…

Sorry for my english…im from South America

Thanks in advance

Hopefully we can solve his issue.

It might be an EMI issue, as is sometimes common with DD wheels and high end pedals.

My HE pedals are grounded because without it the pedals would spike, and would not calibrate in some sims.

See if attaching a ground wire to the pedals helps. Simple thing to try.

i own a cst f1 set and have no problems the augury kits are very well grounded and has no problems. did you plug you direct drive wheel into a grounded power socket? if not try that, probally emi issues
also plug your pc into a grounded power socket

( My pedals are not grounded by an extra wire )

Thank you guys for the great help i gonna check. Cheers