Issue with Clipping

Hi Guys, im getting clipping no matter what after upgrading to the latest true drive.

Please see my iracing and simube settings


Click the strength text in iRacing so we can see the actual torque clipping point in Nm.

Hi Mika, Its set to 44nm

Is the high torque mode active? Do you hear the clipping notification beeps from the motor?

High torque is on and i get the double beep. It happens on nearly every corner (not on curbs) Ive tried a couple of profiles and nothing has changed. Tomorrow i will run a session with the full ffb logging on in true drive

The full ffb logging is not really logging anything in the current device firmware. The log would be full in around 3 seconds.

You are not running any third party software like iRFFB, right?

Only VRS , Simhub and Traiding paints but nothing to do with irffb

Ok. The clipping beep is generated by the servo drive firmware based on the input signal from the game, so its really difficult to explain why the firmware would be the cause for it. Does the F meter/bar in IRacing also go to red when you hear the beeps?

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Yes it Does go red everytime it beeps

Try Slew Rate Limit set to off (slider all the way to the right) instead 0 Nm/ms

Then you have game settings issue. Your settings will not cause clipping unless you use automatic FFB adjustment. You have set the clipping point to 17 Nm in automatic FFB adjustment mode with the wheel force slider, which will cause clipping.

Solution : never use automatic FFB adjustment feature.

Good catch also, you have slew rate limited to strange setting.

As I understand it you limited the amount of torque (or torque changing) per milliseconds to 0. The smallest amount will then produce a clipping. Fe a handbrake which has not the best settings will overshoot the amount of torque that the DD can handle within the time given. Off is no limiting, 0 fully limited. The closer to off the less you limit (hope don’t get shot for this)

Part of the problem is the way Slew Rate Limit is presented in UI, in both Classic and Paddock it’s essentially Off when Maxed Out to the right, which is different from all other filters.
May be re-wording it to Slew Rate Reduction instead of Limit would let to present it with proper positive scale slider with 0 (default) being max motor Slew Rate.

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If iRacing is sending a 100% signal in every corner, then no matter what we change on TD it wont solve it, only deactivating torque Clipping notifications can do the trick XD

Change the simulator. The best solution

you could always share your settings and try to help him…ok no, nevermind.

Man… what you propose him to get instead? I really wonder

Maybe I can help you. Do you have Motec? If not, get it … it’s free. Toturial how you can get it to work in Iracing is available on Youtube & Co.

I think the tool especially for Iracing is called Mu to be able to work with Motec!

Then send me your recorded telemetry data and I’ll have a look. A nice opportunity for me to test something and a good one for you, because maybe I can help you.