Is this normal? Week old simucube 2 pro

It seems to feel smooth but then gets caught on a “notch” then it rotates to the next “notch”. Should it be completely smooth with no difference in pressure to cause it to stop moving? Just wanted to make sure I know someone with an ultimate made a post about it.

I would appreciate it if someone could make a similar video showing me their simucube 2 pro when spinning by hand like that, whether it be with the QR pin or by hand, it rotates a certain amount and almost hits a wall of resistance which of course it will continue to spin if I were to give it more pressure.

Is that powered on or off?

That is powered off.

Mine does that it’s normal. Put a wheel on it and you will not be able to feel that.

It is normal for any permanent magnet servo motor to exhibit cogging-torque when unpowered. When running, it should not be significantly present in a well engineered (hw+fw) solution.

In my experience, the SC2 is the best out there from this perspective. Tero is constantly refining the drive-control FW to reduce/eliminate this issue under running conditions.

So yeah, what you are seeing is normal. You can read a bit about it here ->

Simucube 2 motors should have low cogging when unpowered. We are investigating what has happened (if indeed anything at all has happened for this unit), but most of us are on summer holiday (including myself) so we can’t really fully investigate and comment on the issue.

Sorry to bother on a vacation, but when should the team be back? Since this does it when it’s unplugged with no power then it must be a hardware issue…

Simucube 2 motors do have small amount of noticeable cogging when unpowered and while the device is powered the electronics smoothen away well the small amount of cogging that is present in the motor design itself.

If you cannot feel or it is from hard to difficult to feel the cogging when the wheel is attached to it and while the device is powered on, your device is very very likely 100% to its factory condition.

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Do you have this feeling when the device is in normal use? I.e. powered on, high torque mode and a steering wheel attached?

If not, go and enjoy your racing and stop worrying :wink:

Mine does still have the cogging when the unit is powered on as well as the wheel attached this happens regardless of FFB settings. Mika originally said that they should have nearly zero cogging. Since then It has been edited but nontheless I am concerned that my unit has more more cogging than factory spec.
In this post this guy had a pro, that he claims does not have any notch of any sort, but his new ultimate has the cogging:
Simucube2 Ultimate, lack of smoothness


It is impossible to say based on your video that is there something wrong with your unit or not. I actually asked Mika to edit his post from this comment of near zero cogging, because people do not know about servo motors and about cogging and how much near zero cogging would be in any actual terms and thus people get concerned about things they should not need to be concerned as nothing is broken or damaged or out of spec (99,9% of the time).

What comes to the other video regarding the Simucube 2 Ultimate, that product is completely normal. Simucube 2 Ultimate actually has more cogging than Pro or Sport while powered off but the cogging and ripple torque is compensated away as weel as possible while the device is powered on.

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Alec, I have the pro for almost a year now. What i see in your video seems to be exactly what happens with my unit as well. I believe this is absolutely normal and it is how servo motors should be. If you keep rotating it with a steady constant force, you shouldn’t feel a thing or a notch or something similar. Cogging is the wrong word here. If you want to see and feel actual cogging, just go and try a G29 or a belt driven wheel or even a DD with a stepper motor.