Is it possible to disable the alert beeps

or even make the (much) quieter - especially the high torque? Every time I try and have a sneaky game, it alerts my wife to my intentions!!!

Please, please add this option


Try Audible Notifications Enabled checkbox in the Hardware Settings tab in True Drive?

You can enable a automatically enabled high torque mode without standby mode&beeps if you scroll down the high torque dialog and wait for the greyed out checkbox countdown to end.

Mmm, record the same beeps in your phone and put that audio for all your incoming messages, make that sound part of her life

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With permanently enabled High Torque and Clipping notifications disabled it will only beep on startup, and when connecting/disconnecting wireless wheel.
Wish there were a way to lower that sound, it’s really loud and annoying, just like red LED blinking during normal operations.

I’ve been through all the menus but cant find this setting anywhere in Truedrive. I’m on 2021.4_3 using Expert settings.

I have auto high torque mode enabled at startup, but strangely can no longer find that setting either. Were they removed in this version?

If you could direct me to these settings that would be very helpful.


Sorry, there is no way to remove or quieten any safety related audible tones.

Can this option be included in a future update please? I am a grown up and allowed to use high torque mode and accept all the risks that poses. Can you just add a check box disclaimer to that effect - like the one I had to click when I enabled it? At least make it much quieter like the transition from high to low torque mode. PLEASE!

Honestly is the main thing I dislike about the SC2. It’s not a trivial problem - it is very annoying.



Marcus sorry to say you may as well give up on this one.

This has been brought up many many times.
Granite Devices/ Simucube is not going to change it.

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Everyone remembers permanently enabled Hight Torque saga. :boxing_glove:
Surprisingly, if you look at UI, the setting is there, just doesn’t do anything.

Well. That sucks then. :-1:

TBF I think the audible notifications enabled box does actually turn off some beeps, just not the really loud obnoxious one that I want to turn off.

Granite? There is some good customer feedback here if you’re interested :blush:


Customer feedback is noted.


Any update on this? Sure would be nice to power up my wheel on an early Sunday morning without waking my wife.

You are talking about conditioning…so bad…:checkered_flag:

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