Is it possible to change filters (damper, intertia, friction) remotely?

Hi all.

I am thinking about trying to create some sort of dynamic dampening based on car speed in iRacing.
I know how to read telemetry in iRacing (and how to set remotely forcemax to iRacing based on speed input), but I would like to know if I can pilot also Simucube parameters (mainly the filters) based on the same input.
Is there any api calls available for doing so?
If yes, would the filter modification be immediate, or there would be a lag (like when the filter is changed from Simucube UI)?

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We also have a telemetry reader working but due to the Simucube 2 project, haven’t yet had time to implement any effect processing based on that. The filters operating on the servo drive will cause a momentary torque jolt when adjusted, so no realtime control of those are recommended. The Directinput effects are something that can be adjusted in real time, as long as the combined rate of all commanding stays within the performance of the Microsoft default driver we are using.

Thanks a lot @Mika for the explanation!
I appreciate, and I 100% understand the focus on SC2.
Can’t wait to see some of those new filters (torque slew-rate would be my best pick) implemented in simucube. I hope that filter can make it to SC1!

My wish would be for the Static Torque Reduction Filter :slight_smile:


Please explain the use of that @phillip.vanrensburg :slight_smile:

Whilst driving down the track, you feel all the fidelity you could want by setting high ffb torque, but torque is reduced by the % the SFR is set at when going into turns.

Thus helps for guys like my running my Bogeyman 40nm servo setup, with a good amount of Damping, Friction and a Inertia. Setting torque at 1:1, and SFR to perhaps 15%, I can get great detail all over, but a pretty manageable torque going into turns…

If that makes sense…


It makes absolutely sense Beano.
For this reason I actually created (still in draft version) a sort of “Powersteering enhancement” for iRacing.
What I do is the following:
I read from telemetry car speed and WheelTorque% from iRacing.
Then 1) I set a base maxforce depending on car speed (to lower wheel force at lower speed) and
2) I lower maxforce with increasing of wheelTorque% from iRacing, simulating powersteering.

But, when using “broadcast” API messages for modifying maxforce, iRacing provides to the wheel the “bare” ffb, without taking into consideration all app.ini settings and iracing damper and any forcemap present.

Therefore kerb jolts are wrist-breaking (that’s why I’d like to see slew-rate limitation implemented :wink: ).

@phillip.vanrensburg if for any reason you are interested in trying this program I just created and tested last night, just PM me. It seems to work pretty nicely so far…

No Paolo,
Would be good to test, if you want to share. Then I can see also if there are latencies that would impact my lap-times :wink:

Not sure I understood 100% your answer Beano… I apologize.
if you mean to make it public, I don’feel comfortable yet. Tonight the mige started spinning like crazy during some testing and debugging. I am afraid that less experienced user might get hurt.
In any case once it will be polished I’ll inform the community.

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