Is Granite Devices Defunct? (I need servo drives)

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I recently discovered Granite devices and the IONI line of servo drives. They are absolutely perfect for the research I am working on so I submitted an RFQ. Never heard anything back. I called them a couple days ago following up, and all I got was a bizarre and vague response of “uhhh… Im not sure we sell those anymore, i will have to ask my sales manager and get back to you.” Called the next two days in a row to follow up and now they’re not even answering the phone. I am aware of the split between Simucube and Granite devices, the discontinuation of the Argon drive, and the closing of the online store, so clearly there’s some things going on behind the scenes. So, my questions which I would just like DIRECT ANSWERS to, are as follows:

  1. Does Granite Devices still sell IONI drives and associated hardware?
  2. What channels do I have to go through to acquire some?
  3. If the answer to question 1 is no, why does the website still exist and have an active RFQ form?
    I got super excited when I discovered this company and greatly looked forward to purchasing the products. It’s a shame that it’s turning out this way. But in summary, Granite Devices, I desperately wish to give you money for your products. If anyone there has some even just lying around that they can sell, please get in contact.


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Yes we do, but due to some issues with the web store, and the relatively low number of customers who used it, we put the webstore down.

Then the RFQ for just one units started to come in unexpectedly, so we needed to limit the RFQ answers to only quantities of 10 units or more. We are working on improving the workload so that we would be able to answer to even lower quantity requests.

Edit: Additionally, we are working on getting the products to the same sales system as web store, so that they could be purchased there.

we have and continue to use the Ioni drives in our automated manufacturing equipment system designs and they are very good in almost every respect. Compact, high power, flexible for many motor and encoder types, allow for direct digital comands in queue instead of step and direction etc… The software is comprehensive and also works well from tuning to feeding back parametric data such a current and any error information. The drives have preformed flawlessly and I really hope that we can continue to get them as well. We have also had trouble getting in contact recently and are hoping that whatever the issue, that is something they will be able to overcome.

@Mika It is good to hear that you are still “in the fight”. I am wondering if we in this community might be able to find a way to help with whatever challenges you are facing.

I believe the challenge of serving smaller industrial customers will be solved when we get the products to be able to be sold again without manual processing and RFQ process.



We used a number of IONI drives for a customer project last year and were very happy with how it turned out. We have now received repeat orders for the same system and would very much like to continue using the IONI drives for these systems too.

We have however not received any replies so far for the RFQs we have sent through the online form these past months.

Is it just very difficult right now to get back to peolpe or are the components unavailable? Sooner rather than later we will be forced to find a different solution unless we can be allowed to purchase from Granite.

We can place a larger order if that is what is required, I am sure we can find a use for the drives sooner or later. Though, so far, our RFQs have been for 10 or more components.


I have send a RFQ on 30 march and 6 april. Unfortunatly I have not heard from granite devices. Are these boards still produced?

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