iRFFB with vjoy and iRacing with Simucube 2 Pro

I use to use irffb with my Fanatec DD1.
Had it setup with vjoy version 1.18 and the original/last irffb version.

Got a simucube 2 pro and I’m trying to get it to work but no luck. I get vjoy installed. I can configure the wheel base in game controller usb settings for vjoy. And irffb picks up the base. When I jump into iracing, I recalibrate my wheel and when I go into the iRacing settings (use linear mode/reduce force when parked) is greyed out like it was before showing me it was working.

Jump into the game and there’s no feedback going to the wheel. I messed around with the irffb settings, and when I set the Max Force slider to 5nm it and drove around it showed a high % of clipping. When I set it to 45nm it shows 0 % clipping. So the software is picking up the wheel and what it should be clipping at. But for some reason there’s no FFB being fed to the wheel base.

Anyone ever had this and able to fix it?

I tried changing every setting but no luck.

Only way I can get irffb to work is with using either 360hz or 360hz Interpolated (Which I know adds latency and doesn’t use vjoy if you’re not using the 60hz filtered modes)…

So…is it possible to use vjoy with this wheel base and irffb? If so, how?

Last question, if I can’t get it to work and have to just use it without vjoy, what’s better? The 360hz mode or 360hz interpolated? What’s the difference?

Thanks!!! I’m going fucking crazy lmao

Simucube’s internal reconstruction filter and slew rate limiter filter will give superior results compared to any mode in iRFFB, so there is no need to use it.

But if you want the seat-of-pants effects that are telemetry based, then it might be beneficial to use it.

What setting would you use with internal reconstruction filter and slew rate limiter to feel over/understeer?
Any reccommendations?
I love the Simcube and the feel in ACC is insane BUT i can’t feel over/ under steer in iRacing. I can just see on the screen that the car is not turnig or is turnig too much. No real “FEEL” in the wheel.

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@Poker Player
I’m having the same problem with iRacing and driving slower without irFFB is not fun.