iRFFB - will that work well with TD or it is no need?

I am wondering if this software can give us more feedback for our simucube2 pro or TD does everything already?

please advice

iRFFB read the 360 Hz FFB telemetry from iRacing, and outputs it to wheel (when that mode is used). There is approximately 30 ms of added lag. FFB can be more detailed this way but some people are more susceptible to the lag than others - I can’t drive with that lag.

Then, there are also some telemetry based FFB effects that can be added.

However, if you use the HidQuardian feature of the software - that is, use direct telemetry mode - then all other FFB games and in fact True Drive as well won’t work at all.

Thank you
So I am not going to bother to install anything then :slight_smile:

Do we have any document for our TD for each functionality? I know there is a lot of useful information on the forum but sometimes not sure what are they and why we have to set the ultra low latency to 15 to get the best ( for example ) .
Thank you Mika