Irffb / TD question

Hello. I was wondering if the TD settings have a way to also provide a Seat of Pants effect to iRacing? I’m asking this because of a problem that occurred.

I got a Fanatec ClubSport F1 ESports wheel with the usb conversion kit on it. I run with irffb purely for SoP, but I found that having the irffb set to 360Hz introduced too much latency. Without the Fanatec wheel plugged in, I can run irffb with the 60Hz direct 360Hz just fine, but with the Fanatec wheel the sc2 pro’s ffb is completely gone in iRacing. If I change it to 360Hz the sc2 comes alive, but with latency and oscillation with rough bumpstop vibrations.

On a side note that may (not) be relevant: the Fanatec wheel isn’t recognized by the Fanatec Wheel Property Page app, but instead it recognizes it as the ClubSport F1 Wheel Base and when I open the property page it freezes (I assume it’s because I don’t have the wheel base).

Thanks for any help!!!

No hat is a telemetry based effect through irFFB… You can however used irFFB in conjunction with TD. with the SC2 add irFB though I would use the minimum smoothness filtering to get SOP. as for having them both up at the same time basically the two wheels are probably taking over functions from each other which is causing the loss of feedback. I believe irFFB can be or has been used in the past with a joystick emulator which would let you switch between devices