Irffb.exe with SC2

I have been asking around to understand the iracing ffb ui and still don’t know why the slider is backwards.

Anyways someone recommended I try irffb.exe, any thoughts?
Not a lot on it on this forum.

I havent tried irffb but the advise from GD is to not use it as it will not bring a lot of extra feel but it does add (noticeable) lag. Try increasing the recon filter setting in TD if you want smoother ffb effects.

The Slider Follows the and Takes over the Max Force Slider in iRacing and is in Maximum Nm that is allowed to be reproduced by your wheel.

This is how iRacing sets the 100% output point of it’s feedback when running in linear mode and then the cars telemetry points get plotted against this range for output with telemetry points exceeding the range allowed being clipped to the top of the range. Which is where iRacing clipping occurs.

So 45Nm gives you 45Nm of range to get to 100% where if you were to set it at 25Nm it only gives 25Nm which is why the higher numbers reduce the force at the wheel as it lowers the Specific output which is the ratio between the wheelbase Nm and the iRacing 100% Nm and determines how many Nm per a specific telemetry Nm is provided at the wheelbase.

This post delves into it pretty comprehensively.

Also the ONLY real reason to use irFFB is if you wish to use some of the “add-in” telemetry features such as the Suspension Bumps, SoP (seat of pants), or Understeer effects… NOTE: these are add-ins so if you want pure feedback you shouldn’t use them but they can transmit more information to you if that is what you want and if used correctly.

Thank you Brian, I understand now.

Since I have ultimate and set to 32 it will 1 to 1

I was trying to get a setting were it would reflect the car ffb by iracing

I wanted iracing to dictate

I saw Barey Rowlands settings and this what I was using, I set TD to 25Nm and iracing to 46Nm

Yes as long as you do leave your True Drive at 100% as well then yes 32 in irFFB or on the iRacing Max Force would be 100% Telemetry (1:1) and 64 would be .5:1 or 50% telemetry and of course there are lots of in-betweens.

The settings you had been using would be a Specific output of .544:1 or 54.4% strength to telemetry output… this is with TrueDrive to output 25Nm and the iRacing Max Force slider at 46Nm (25 / 46 = .54347)

I am going with 58Nm strength and 32Nm wheel force in IR and 100% in TD

Next I will try to reduce to slew rate and reduce dampening and fine tune there

@bsohn do you still have that calculator that can figure out actual Torque output based on iracing/TD setting combination?

The full calculator is still up through iRacing however that is more so for different motor combinations when you had to have all of the motor parameters as well. The SC2 has its own motor with unreleased parameters so we wouldn’t be able to get a mathematical calculation on that. With True Drive however, the estimated Maximum output Torque is provided for you with the strength so so the only real calculation you would need is to find your specific output which would be dividing the Maximum Torque output of the Base by the Tracing Max Force Nm. this will give you the % of scaling per Nm you are getting at the wheel from the telemetry of the car. You can then judge what you are really getting at the wheel as if you are running a Specific output of .5:1 and the car you are driving puts out around 15Nm in telemetry then the wheel will be putting out around 7.5Nm.

your specific output for your 58Nm strength 100% TD with what I believe is an ultimate by your 32Nm wheel force setting would be … 32Nm / 58Nm = .552:1 (rounded up)

Today I tried irFFB for the first time, in conjunction with TD. I don’t like the feel of it, it’s more … artificial. But damn, I feel so much quicker. I tried Skippy, USF2000 and P217. No time difference in the Skippy, but I feel much more confident in the USF & easily had a 4s gain in P217 on a 2 min circuit (COTA). I’m a novice in the Dallara, so I wanted to see how much easier it will be to tame.

Just for those who wants to test New things.
If im not wrong, the SeatOfPants slider in iRFfb does the same thing as changing DamperSaturation in the app.ini.

Just put in app.ini
DamperMode:0 (damping)
DamperSaturation: 100 (for open wheelers) 8000 (for GTs)

It woks dampening the total amount of forces sent by iRacing, so DamperSat @100 in fórmula cars gives you only a tiny amount of dampened signal, at the start of Ffb signal barelly
With DamperSat @8000 you can feel that signal is dampened in a Wide form (almost 80% of signal is dampened)