IrFFb and Simcube

Does anyone know when we will get irFFB incorporated into TRUE DRIVE, so irFFB is no longer necessary?

irFFB makes driving and cars at the limit much easier to feel out. I feel can only drive 80-90% of the cars limit without it. Irffb is such a pain to run reliably. Some time it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
Simcube is already the top of the line driving system, BUT I think if the could incorporate SOP feel for iRacing, THERE WOULD BE NO COMPETITION.

IRFFB reads the iracing telemetry values (car slip angles and such) and generates the seat-of-pants effects based on that. Currently Simucube does not have this functionality on its own, but we are working on it

I think @Mika mentioned something that they are thinking about implementing some system after the rewrite of the firmware is done.
Maybe he can bring a little more light to this topic :).

We are working on some times, but not on high priority at the moment.