iRacing's new Cayman GT4 Car - solved

The new Cayman GT4 is a nice car, except when you are driving in a straight line.
Th car has this very odd feel at center where you can feel the car bobbling from side to side and you have to constantly keep adjusting to keep it going in a relatively straight line.
I’ve tried adding more damping/friction/intertia and even when you make the wheel too heavy you just have the same issue but now stronger forces that ruin the rest of the experience.
All other cars are fine and feel great.

Friends with non-DD wheels also noticed it, but of course very very subtle until I pointed it out and then they could see what I mean, so that’s a good thing in terms of it being the car and not just a Simucube problem.

Appreciate any feedback if perhaps there’s something to tame this thing.
Maybe it’s just this new car.

The bobbing is due to running low toe in the rear. Car requires at least +1.0mm toe in the rear.


Thank you, that helped

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I noticed the same annoying feel with my SC2. I will try the toe setup change, thanks :+1:

What steering range / bump stump are you guys using? Visually, the car appears to be very short.

It is short, as was the 911 cup car.
I have messaged iracing support and they are just playing dumb on the issue.