Iracings max steering angle?

I have a 1440 angle for steering in rFactor2 but when I go in Iracing
The steering is broken ( to much )
I can set a profile for Iracing for 540 but then I must switch every time from profile
In configuration and that program I don’t want to run every time
What is the max steering angle for Iracing or must I adjust something else?
Calibrating was not the solution

iRacing adjusts steering angles automatically. You can set 1080 in Simucube, and then calibrate that correctly in game, and every car will have correct steering angle.

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I thought that i-Racing had max steering angle of 900? if 1080 doesn’t work then set iracing to 900 and simucube to 900 as that was what I had with no problems.

Tim, Mika is correct.