IRacing Wheel turn the oposite

I have a question regarding (product) regarding (issue).

My hardware configuration:
Servo Motor Mige (10000ppr) (130ST-M15015)
Granite Devices IONI pro HC
NDR-480-48 (480W)

Problems arise when:
In the “config wheel”

How it behaves:
The wheel turn in the oposite way

I have attached following files:

Does the wheel turn the right way in the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool?

Yes the wheel turn in the good way

Then it must be something wrong in iRacing. I think you could try to delete joyCalib.yaml from iRacing directory, there might be something wrong in that.

I have also find in the app.ini (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\iRacing) that we could change this value to “1”

invertFFBForce=1 ; Reverse the force feedback effects, if your wheel is spinning the wrong way

But unfortnatly no change…

I will go and have a look to the IRACING forum, in case the issue have been seen “somewhere”

I will report thee solution here :wink:

I beleive it was reported before, sometimes the virtual wheel flips the direction of rotation. It happend to me in total three times, one time with version 0.7.1 and two times with 0.8.x. In all cases I was in the Simucube config and saved some changes to the wheel. It’s very seldom and I have not yet found a way to reproduce it. The only way to correct it was to power off/on the wheel.

@Stolber, thanks for the reply…

Even turning it “on / off” did´nt solved the issue :wink:

In the SIMUCUBE everything works fine also in other game ( ASSETTO CORSA / RF2)

Ok, in that case @Mika’s solution to delete the joycalib file and recalibrate in iRacing should work.

@Stolber, you mean this one: controls.cfg in : C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\iRacing

Or the : joyCalib.yaml

The joycalib.yaml. this file will also be in the car directory when you save your controller setting per car.

Okay guys… My fault …

During the “setup wheel” it says "turn the wheel to the left 90 degres, i was turn it to the right …

So maybe the thread could be deleted …:slight_smile:

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