iRacing steering angle GT3 cars

In the gt3 cars I got around 520-560 degree of steering angle except from the Merc and BMW M4 gt3 I only get around 430 before iRacing stops me. I have it set to 900 both in Simucube and iRacing. It works and I have no bigger issues with it and it feels natrual in those cars for me.

A friend says it should be around 530 for those cars and he can turn his wheel to around 530 in both.

So anyone else experince this and what should it be?

If the wheel rotation in iracing stops, then that’s the rotation for that car.
iRacing sets the rotation, all you have to do is set your Simucube to 900 degrees.
The only cars that I’ve seen that had slight issues were the Porsche Cup cars where the in game wheel would stop, but my real wheel would continue for about another 45 degrees - this was fixed very recently.