iRacing Porsche GT3 Cup cars (991 and 992) - SC1 going a LOT beyond virtual wheel

I think I recall asking this question in the past, but cannot find the thread despite searching.

In iRacing, the Porsche GT3 Cup cars (both new and old) don’t seem to work properly with regard to the degrees of rotation.
The virtual wheel moves exactly the same as the real wheel on the SC1, however when the virtual wheel stops rotating, the SC1 wheel continues to rotate for quite a bit more before hitting bump stops.
Not that anyone should be driving a car at full rotation, but it does create issues when the SC1 does not provide any feedback that you have hit the virtual car’s bump stops.

This issue has been present since the first GT3 cup car, and iRacing has no answer.
Every other car seems to work correctly with SC1 in terms of iRacing correctly setting wheel degrees of rotation/hitting bump stops, like some of the formula cars that have much smaller degrees of rotation, hitting bump stops in a 1:1 ratio.

Appreciate any guidance.
I am on latest SC1 FW

You can make a profile with the same degrees of rotation and then move the Simucube bumpstops into the correct place.

Or, you can set iRacing to generate its bumpstops by having the setting in app.ini.
steeringBumpStop_Deg=180.000000 ; degrees into bump stop before max force

set this to 0 and iRacing will generate (a very harsh) bumpstop for you.

Do not limit bumpstop range on True DRive because you will loose valuable steering movement at the end of travel. Must be an iRacing issue like many more. Lets hope that new AMG team can do better things in the future.

There is the video I made some years ago about the Legacy 911 gt3: