iRacing Oscillation

Hi guys

basically my SC2 with Ascher F28 is working great but with the factory-preset for iracing I get some heavy oscillations sometimes. Usually I put the wheelforce in iracing to 25NM and the factor somewhere between 4 and 6 (depends on the car). With certain cars the wheel is only starting aaaalmost to oscillate. But with the Dallara DW12 for example I can drive very slowely and if I put the hands of the wheel it starts to oscillate like crazy. Which settings do I have to play around with?

Thanks for any help.


You should add more inertia, friction and damping. Also, the new Simple Profile Mode will be a great tool to add more basic damping. When you have a very high FFB car such as the DW12, and high FFB in game, more filtering is required.

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The DW12 model in iRacing is broken. This is pretty well known.

Also with direct drive wheels the higher force you set the wheel, the more prominent the Oscillations will be.

For sure I would always keep a hand on the wheel except for removing hands in a crash.

Hopefully some others will chime in.

Adjusting steering pinion can help with the DW12 as far as I know, at least in regards to forces and I imagine this would also affect oscillation.