Iracing IR-18 indy car settings

Anyone have any good true drive settings for the ir18 in iracing? I’m having trouble dialing that car in. I can’t get it to feel as good as some of the other open wheelers. SC2 pro

Here’s what I have been using, but the feedback still feels a little odd, even after the update.

Mate IMO the raw ffb on this car is one of the best I have ever found in iracing (and I am not the biggest fan of iracing’s ffb, or iracing in general to be honest lol), so I don’t put pretty much anything on TD software but slight damping, and friction. Reconstruction filter at 1, slight directeffect fine tuning for damping and friction, too. None of those exceed 5%. The ffb is pretty rough but it’s the way I like it, you have all the time in the world to react to it, enjoy it

Yes i agree overall it is fantastic. But it can get pretty violent sometimes. If i dont death grip the wheel, it starts to oscillate really bad. Every other car i can give my arms and hands a break on tbe straight, but this one if i do that, it gets so violent that i have to hit the estop. Even if i just loosely grip it ok the straight i feel it want to go out of control. If i turn down the ffb strength, i lose out on the whole experience overall. Anyone one else have that?

Try adding some damping and a lot of inertia until it stops.

Oh yes definitely it’s a really rough one, on my first drive I was super scared :sweat_smile: so as mentioned above definitely some fine tuning on inertia and damping can help

Thanks for the input chaps. Tried adding damper, but didnt think of trying to up the inertia. Ill try that. Thanks again for the responses

Beano had posted a few months ago about adjusting the steering pinion to help with oscillations, seems to be more of a iracing issue.