Iracing IR-18 indy car settings

Anyone have any good true drive settings for the ir18 in iracing? I’m having trouble dialing that car in. I can’t get it to feel as good as some of the other open wheelers. SC2 pro

Here’s what I have been using, but the feedback still feels a little odd, even after the update.

Mate IMO the raw ffb on this car is one of the best I have ever found in iracing (and I am not the biggest fan of iracing’s ffb, or iracing in general to be honest lol), so I don’t put pretty much anything on TD software but slight damping, and friction. Reconstruction filter at 1, slight directeffect fine tuning for damping and friction, too. None of those exceed 5%. The ffb is pretty rough but it’s the way I like it, you have all the time in the world to react to it, enjoy it