iRacing force feedback problem

Hello everyone! I ask for help with a problem with simucube 2 pro r2. I too recently entered the world of direct drives and last night, the first one, was immediately love. Today, on the other hand, I “go down” on the track and although I had not changed any settings either in truedrive or in iracing, I realize that the steering has become too hard. Useless attempts to restore the base as before, I ask you: what could be causing this problem? Already formatted and reinstall all back again but still the same! Tried installing assetto corsa running the safe profile always with high torque enabled and it seems all ok.
HW: i7 4770k@4.3ghz, 16gb ram@2133mhz, RTX 2080 Super, C drive SSD. All driver seems to be up to date.
Thx in advance

Please show your settings from iRacing and from True Drive.

Is the car and its setup (including fuel level) the same as you were running previously?

already tried with 3 different cars and still the same

In iracing click on ” strength" to change it to max force which is shown in NM. The lower the value the higher the force, so try to increase max force.
Max force is at what force in the physics engine 100% force is applied. In your case when the full 25Nm you have configured in TD are applied.

Already done and changes do not make me feel normally all, sliding down the strengt disappear any feelings and the wheel hold the position that I give though the car is mooving. Tried also to reset config on truedrive, downloading latest version and updating firmware