Iracing Dirt Oval Profile

Hi all new to formus. Looking to possibly make the switch from accuforce v2 to simucube pro.

Before I make my decision, I’ve looked in the forums and didn’t see anything relating to a dirt oval specific settings.

Anyone run Dirt Oval with this wheel and are there other users profiles specifically tuned for dirt?

Look forward to a response- thanks!

Hey Adam,
In the TrueDrive software you can search for FFB profiles by game and by car type in the online profiles section. There are a few dirt oval and dirt road profiles for iRacing specifically that people have posted on there. I have one currently added to my profiles that I found from the online profiles in TrueDrive.

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I couldn’t find any specific paddock profiles. I therefore assume there are not a lot, if at all, people in the community using it for oval dirt racing.
Depends also if you are using a Sport, Pro or ultimate

I run the SC2 pro and use a pretty similar profile to my default asphalt road profile, only main difference is I crank the “Friction” to about 10-12% to add a bit of weight to the wheel. I feel it makes it easier to be smooth and hold a line when working the wheel to have some resistance.
Few other settings based on feel but that is what I did to my “dirt” profile. I use the same on dirt oval & road.
Will also turn down the ffb in iracing compared to asphalt because I keep the overall strength high in TD.
Not at home so cannot share my exact profile atm.