iRacing Bumps - SC2 PRO

Hi! I need your help. I like my config of my SC2 PRO but I have a trouble. When I take bums and curves the steering its very agressive. Here I show you in 2 links so they understand what I’m saying. The strenght in True Drive its 45%.

Thank you for the help!

Only way to reduce this is to:

  1. Further reduce strength in TrueDrive and then set Torque-slider in iRacing lower to compensate
  2. Set dampers and shocks in iRacing car setup softer to better handle bumps/kerbs
    3)a combination of both.

Which car are you driving?


One further way to mitigate this could be to limit the slew rate.

Hi phillip, if y reduce more strenght in true drive, the wheel its so loose. I use the ferrari GT3, this is a soft car. Its not problem of strenght.

I didn’t feel any change, this is impossible to drive. True drive have few options to reduce that problem

If you didn’t “feel any change” by lowering the slew rate limit, then something is wrong or you didn’t lower it enough. Set it to the minimum to make sure you feel the change it makes.

Now its feel better but the wheel it so soft and I dont like it. Really im very Dissatisfied. The same profile in two different SC2 Pro feels different

Okay, so too aggressive at the maximum slew rate and too soft at the minimum? Have you tried finding a middle value that suits you?

I use the “ Slew Rate Limit“ to reduce the vibrations caused for bumps and kerbs. Increase until reduce the bumps. If increase the value too much, it feels like a elastic bed.

I hope that this tips help you.

I understand what you are saying, when I lower the slew rate, the feeling improves, but the sensation of the SC gets worse, I can’t feel any sensation at all. I have no more options to adjust or change, I’ve tried different setups and the problem still persists.
I have to lower it a lot so I don’t have this sensation. And that’s when the wheel is really loose.

It sounds like you would want to clip the high-torque bumps, so set the in-game FFB clipping point to lower Nm value (increase strength) and lower the strength slider in True Drive.

I advised him the same, but I suspect he has car-setup issue, as he complains torque gets to low then, or he is simply overdriving kerbs and hitting them to hard.

The car is Ferrari GT3 fixed setup

Same steering wheel? Diameter and weight?

I have an accuforce and I was able to test an sc2 two months ago at home. I liked it and that’s why I bought it. install the new one and it doesn’t feel exactly the same with the same setup. the steering wheel is the same (F1S Simulation)

Could be a different latency between your wheel-PC combo.
Leave the profile as your friend but change UltraLowLatency in every test drive to find your sweet spot