iRacing and F1 Mclaren MP4-30

Is anyone willing to share their iRacing F1 McLaren Simucube settings?

I’ve tried a whole bunch of different settings and can never seem to find the right feeling for the car.

At the moment, my settings feel pretty good at fast speeds, but the wheel has virtually no resistance at slow speeds (like corners), making being accurate with your vehicle placement, difficult.

I’m on a Simucube 2 Ultimate.

My current settings

Hi. Try to enable the high torque

Apologies, hi-torque is always on, but not when I’m mucking around with the settings, for obvious reasons. I’ve had the unit for over a year, it’s just this one specific car I’m having issues dialling in the settings for.

So I’m just interested in anyone else racing the McLaren F1 car, and what settings they’ve found to be useful.