iRacing and Asseto Corsa + Simucube + irFFB settings

Hey everyone,

I am a new owner of the Simucube OSW 1 since a few weeks ago. I’ve already connected and installed everything needed to drive which wasn’t so easy :slight_smile: Now it’s time to make some propper configuration to gain the immersion from the wheel. That’s why I would like to ask you for your help as more experienced racers.

My setup is:

  • Simucube OSW MiGe 130ST - M10010
  • iRacing
  • irFFB
  • VJoy

I already did some settings but have no Idea how irFFB affects the iRacing FFB settings and how SimuCube settings affects irFFB and iRacing as well.

My latest setup based on more experienced racers from this forum, and from my country simracing forum is:

Simucube Configuration tool:

Low RCON filter. 5

Damping - 22%

Friction - 7%

Inertia - 0%

with Recon - 5

Wheel power set on : 100%

irFFB setup:

FFB Type - 360 Hz Interpolated
Max Force - 30Nm
Suspension bump - 50
SoP effect - 60

iRacing setup:

ON - enable force feedback
ON - use linear mode
Max Force - 50 Nm
Damping - 0
Min Force - 0

I would be gratefull for any advice or the comment or the complete base. setup with the good immersion for my specs. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, once again, I just installed the Asseto Corsa Ultimated Edition - so excited :slight_smile: So now I have tu update this topic about same settings but with the Asseto Corsa in game setup, from what I reade people who have irFFB tells that it may mixed their settings in Asseto Corsa if they made configuration for iRacing previously using irFFB and I also read that in Asseto Corsa there is actually no need to use the irFFB so does it mean that I can only use Simucube Configuration tool (maybe even same setup as in iRacing) and Asseto in game settings?

iRFFB (iRacing FFB) is only for iRacing, it is no use in any other simulators.

Ok, thanks for the reply Mika. Could you please tell me if I run the Asseto Corsa with turned off irFFB may it provide any changes to the steering wheel true the SimuCube Conf tool anyway?

irFFB settings do not have any effect in any other games than iRacing.