IoniCube & Ioni Pro Hc - Dead? No LED Lights On

Hey Guys,

I am new to the community but not new to motor drives and custom building CNC type machines. Currently I am working on a new robotic camera system build and have grand plans to use the IONI Pro HC to drive BLDC motors. Today I finely found time to start testing and right off the bat I get no indicator lights turning on when powering the Cube. I am using a 24V power supply and my wiring is definitely correct based off the Wiki instructions and diagrams. I have not seen or smelt any smoke from the drive so I can’t come to a conclusion of damage. The only thing I can think is that I received a dud unit.

I will be filling out an RMA to try and get this issue sorted. But I figured I would post to see if anyone could offer assistance regarding this issue.

Additional information:
X3 - GND, HV+ and VCC are connected to the 24V supply.
Supply has been checked and confirmed at 24v.
When power is turned on no lights come on. IONI Pro HC shows no light indication.
Can’t connect to the Cube via computer.
SimpleMotion V2 USB adaptor works and shows in device manager.
Correct drivers are installed.

Further I have read trough every page of the Wiki trying everything with no avail.
I have scoured this community for similar issues only finding one post with a guy who had a similar issue who had to RMA his IONI Pro as a final solution.

I have added an image of the wiring from the power supply to the Cube for reference.

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Also, Something I just noticed is the IONI Pro HC Connector Pin-out diagram shows that the HV+ terminals on the Cube are positive (Obviously this makes sense). But when I put a multimeter on Pin A49 (GND) and Pin B21 (HV+) the 24V shows as a negative voltage. Like the polarity coming through the pins has been reversed somehow.

This makes no sense but would explain why the IONI Pro lights don’t turn on and wont power up.


Multimeter cables need to be in correct order also. It’s easy to cross-connect them, or measure inversely (done that too many times…).

If it’s indeed the case, that your PSU gives inversed voltage, it’s likely that the 5V regulator on IONICUBE has broken from that. And the damages might reach IONI also.

Please double check your measurements and post your results again.

p.s. Green-Yellow cable is pretty much always protective earth wire color. It’s quite confusing to see used in any other signal.

Kind regards, Esa

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Hey Esa,

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my issue.

Regarding the multimeter readings showing reversed polarity, I did tribe check this as I have never seen a reverse polarity before. So this was definitely read using the multimeter correctly.

Your note about the PSU giving in verses voltage I am not too sure what you mean by this but the 5v regulator was not working. The little black capacitor next to the voltage reducer was reading 0v when it should have been 5v.

Also, regarding the green-yellow, Blue and Brown cables these are connected correctly to the Cube but yes I understand the colour coding is not correct. I just pulled these wires from a spare bit of cable I had lying around and did not use them in there correct colour coding for my testing. But from the first time I connect them they were connected correctly to ground and power.

The only thing I can add at this time that may have caused the issue is I had a brushless motor connected when I first powers up the Cube. But I did not realise the motor I had connected was a motor wound for use with a brushless Gimbal system. Not wired the same as a regular brushless motor. I don’t think this would cause an issue but im now thinking it’s possible.

Also, the power supply im using is a stock standard traditional 24v supply used normally to power LED lights. So I can’t see there being any issue there.

Anyway if you think of anything regarding all this let me know. The Cube and IONI Pro has been shipped back to the supplier for testing so I don’t have it any more. I believe they will RMA it if they can’t sort out the issue.

I’ll also add that if it was my power supply that damaged the Cube I definitely want to know as if it’s replaced ill just be connecting the next one to the same PSU. Is there a way to test the PSU? I did put the multimeter onto the ground and power leads from the PSU and it reads 24V correctly. Definitely does not read -24V.


Different motor could’ve caused this issue.

Looking more closely your picture, I noticed that the regulator text is towards outside of the ionicube. We’ve had some of these in the near past, the regulator is assembled wrong way.

Please send a note to your distributor to start the RMA/replacement process. We’ll handle this asap.

Kind regards,

Thanks Esa,

I have sent this not to the supplier.