Ionicube 1x Won't Enter DFU Mode

New here, please let me know if I’m not in the right place. I’m trying to setup a IoniCube 1X Board. But I can’t get it to go into DFU Mode. I just want to flash mmos using the Dfuse software. I can connect to the Board with Granity and update to the latest firmware and adjust parameters, just can’t get it to go into DFU Mode.

I’ve tried the dip switches and the various methods listed on the wiki page here:

Any help or ideas is more than welcome, please let me know if you need more info or anything.

Ionicube is not Simucube. Ionicube doesn’t accept MMoS FW, it only houses the Ioni drive controller, which you can access and set parameters.

If you have an ionicube, you also need a discovery STM32 controller board, this is where MMoS FW will go. Discovery controller connects to ionicube to drive the ffb effects via a high-freq pwm signal.

Please post a photo if what you have. If it indeed is an ionicube, that board is basically a breakout board with onboard braking resistor circuit for the Ioni drive. It is 1/2 the part required to make a dd wheel.

Thanks for your reply, I thought that the ionicube board with a Ioni drive was all that was needed to connect and use Mmos or the simucube software, Here’s a photo of the board with the ionipro with just power and cable to simplemotion adapter to pc.(removed Motor and Stop cables to make it more clear)

That is ionicube 1x, yes. Basically, that is the one half of a DIY dd wheel, what you have interfaces to the servo, which allow control of said servo. Like I said earlier, you’d need another controller, compatible with MMoS, that will act as the HID interface. The original Discovery STM 32 that we have used in those years is no longer available, and the new replacement wasn’t compatible with MMoS’ FW.

So whomever told you the ionicube - dd wheel, was either ignorant, or not completely transparent.

You can still find the Core407V STM32 board, if you study the pin-out’s carefully and wire accordingly, you can use my schematics, as well as MMoS FW on the Core407V, and get a working dd wheel.

Of course, if you can still find a Simucube board, and plug in an Ioni drive to it, that can be a single-board dd wheel, I have made full instructions available online as well, you can search over at the German VR Forums, or iRacing, if you have access.

But, I have to caution here, unless you are technical, have access to tools and understand reading schematics, I would highly advise to buy a ready DD wheel, such as the SC2 Sport or Pro.

I want to add, that Simucube software was never compatible with STM32 + IONICUBE combination, due to missing RS-485 hardware from between them, among other issues and differences.

Our Simucube board sales have been so low for the last year, and production cost was going up and up for a new production batch (approaching 300€) that we had to make the decision to cease production.