Ionicube 1x upgrade

Hi everyone this is my 1st post and I hope someone can help/advise me.

I have the opportunity to purchase an osw wheel consisting of
Mige 130st m10010
Ionicube 1x
5000ppr encoder

So my question is.
What would be needed to bring this up to date and where can I get the parts?
I’m guessing I need to replace the discovery and the ionicube plus new biss-c encoder.
Would that be correct.
Many thanks.

Replace the IONICUBE and Discovery with Simucube, and you are good to go. Getting a BiSS-C encoder can be done, but if your Mige motor is very early one, then there needs to be a conversion bracket as the motor does not have the mounting holes for the bracket that the BiSS-C encoder is mechanically fastened to. Some guys at iRacing forums have made that part with 3d-printer, though.

Cheers Mika.
Any idea what exact parts and where I can get those parts?
Will the simucube still work well with the 5000ppr encoder?
How can I find out whether it’s an early motor?


I do not have more information on this. Simucube does work well on 5000ppr encoder, however some of the effects do feel better on higher-resolution encoders and with BiSS encoder you can have the servo skip the phasing routine at startup.

thanks. Anyone else with info on this?