Ionicube 1x and Iono Firmware

On a classic setup with ionicube + ioni + stm + mige with normal encoder I want to install the latest firmware on the Ioni. I remember that there is a maximum version to use then it only works with simucube.
If it is true then what version number is the latest I can use?

There is no such limitation that I know of.

However, if you IONI is wired as per Simucube and the Electrical Interface mode in IONI is set as Simucube, then some operating voltage limitations exist for the servo drive to initialize properly. Those were added already when I was not employed…


Your answer seems a bit confusing?

An Ioni cube can never use the Simucube software correct?

I think the question is what is the highest pre Simucube Firmware that can be used on the Ioni cube X1?

I know the OP asked about Ioni software, but I wanted to make sure there was not something new I didn’t know about. :slight_smile:

IONI has its own firmware. Some of the OSW builds just in the early days of the Simucube still used IONICUBE but had IONI in the Simucube mode, to simplify the wiring (avoids connecting separate enable signal).

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Ok thanks for the answer. I am currently running Ionicube 1X with Ioni drive in 1.5.8
I might have some mistake somewhere. In granity I have correct homing + reading of position and speed.
I have double triple (at least) checked my wiring to the MMos board and I have no position reading on it.
That’s no more the same question. But if you think of something let me know.

Probably the encoder wiring is wrong. Remember, that MMOS only supports incremental quadrature encoders.

Yep that is correct. :slight_smile:
Thanks for clarifying. upgrade path in case you need to use biss or sincos encoder and you do not want to ditch the ionicube

To Summarize…

MMOS is the Latest software you can use with an IONI CUBE based controller.

MMOS requires an Incremental Encoder (No BiSS or SinCOS).

The IONI can be set up in SimuCUBE mode which gives some protections as Mika mentioned.

It seems like the open source OpenFFBoard project has added support to utilize our Simplemotion bus, which does enable support for Sincos and BiSS-C encoders.

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Yea I noticed that, Haven’t really looked further into that (out of curiosity) other than skipping it… Might save a few IONI builds here and there.