IONI Tamagawa serial encoders

Hello, could I get a confirmation that there will be no hardware support for Tamagawa encoders? My motor has Tamagawa MFE0017 which I’m planning on replacing.

More info:
Tamagawa MFE0017 is said to be similar to the Tamagawa SmartABS encoders (TS5647, TS5667, TS5668 and TS5669). The 131,072 count MFE0017 encoder provides 17 bit resolution for a single-turn, another 16 bits above the single-turn count are used to count revolutions.

Another question: is there any way around 32bit single turn+multi turn limit?
Thank you

To my knowledge, those encoders are RS485 interface based and so not supported by IONI… But I would wait for official response.

Someone could build an adapter. Not possible to support directly, as the Tamagawa format is RS485 based.

Thank you Mika. Do you know how much it would approximately cost to design and produce such adapter? Say if someone was willing to pay for it? (Just thinking out loud)

Hi Walter

Sorry for the late reply.

As Mash noted, IONI does not support Tamagawa serial encoders.

For the 32b limit, the IONI currently reads the first 32 bits of data from the encoder. This could be changed with a firmware update, however this is not a high-priority feature.

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Thank you. Is it possible to use higher count encoder (like 19 bit + 19 bit) - and just read fewer bits (19 + 13) ?

Also, can you use multi-turn encoder as single-turn?

Hi Walter

That’s how IONI reads MT encoders. The first 32 bits are read, and if there’s more data bits, then they are lost from the LSB/right side. 19+19 (MT+ST) bits would result to 19b MT and 13b ST bits resolution.

I don’t quite understand your second question. The single turn bits are used for IONI to know the current magnetic angle, and they are always used.

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That makes sense. Thank you very much.