Ioni Pro unsolvable issue

Hi Guys,

I having an issue with an Ioni Pro on a Simucucbe build is getting Fault ID 1 120 short circuit protection triggered.

I have tried this drive on several builds and keep getting the same error. Granity continuously gives error message Drives need to be restarted.

I have tried a few different versionsof firmware and I load a .drc file that I have used many many times.

Is there a way to clear this error?


Hi Joe

Please test your system so, that remove the motor from the simucube motor connector, and then turn the simucube on.

This is to test if the problem is in IONI or in the wiring.

Best regards,

Hi Esa,

With motor power disconnected from Simucube I still get the same error and Granity wants the drive to be restarted.

No matter how many times the drive is restarted it will still have the error and ask to restart.

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It sounds like there might be something wrong with that particular Ioni drive. I would advice you to make an official support ticket, so that the issue can be taken further.