Ioni Pro Board Component Reference

Hi Granite Device,

I was one of many people that supported the launch in Indiegogo back in 2015, and have been really enjoying my sim powered by the Ioni since then. I’m really thankful for this :slightly_smiling_face: .

But this week I made a mistake and I short circuit the board. The logic part of the board seems to be working properly. I can connect it to granity and read the faults.

After an inspection I could tell that there is only one component that is visually damaged:

I would really appreciate if you can tell me a reference to this component. My intentions are to try to revive the board if no other mayor damages was done.

Many thanks.

Have you checked your Braking Resistor to make sure it has not cracked… that is the most common issue for failure… How exactly though did you short circuit the board?

Our hardware team will reply to this as soon as possible.

Hi bsohn, with the system up and running, the 48v through the 10ohm braking resistor touched somewhere inside the red circle:

it probably touched a termination of any capacitor is there.

The contact made a big big spark. The hope I have is that the only component is visually damaged is the one in the other photo, but there could be more :frowning:

Thank you so much Mika.

Hi Asolozabal

The RS3 can be replaced with this or similar:

With luck your IONI is repairable by replacing the resistor. With bad luck the 48V through the reg.res. has damaged the powerstage mosfet’s or their drivers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Kind regards, Esa

Thank you Esa! Yeah, I also think it’s going to be difficult to see the board working again… but I owe a try to the board, It doesn’t deserve a end like this haha

Many thanks again for the reference.