Ioni Pro and Endat protocol


I’m still working on Telescop direct drive project using an absolute encoder.
Currently only SSI and BiSS protocol are compatible for absolute encoder.
These Encoders are very expensive.

Other Important provider on the market is Heidenhain but based on Endat Protocol.
This protocol is very close to BiSS protocole.
These encoders are less expensive compare to Renishaw for exemple. 400-500$ compare to 1500$ for a Renishaw.

I would like to know if it’s on your roadmap to integrate other protocols like Endat ?

Thank you

Endat is an RS-485 protocol on the physical layer, which is not supported by IONI / IONICUBE hardware (would require a RS-485 transceiver on some encoder lines).

Thank you Mika for you answer.

I can found SSI to RS485 convertor but not in the other way.
All that remains is to create one with a dev board :slight_smile:


Yeah, some type of converter board to have a RS-485 transceiver on, would work. Then we would have to make the software implementation on IONI only. But we do not have such project in pipeline at the moment.