Ioni & Ionicube A&O

Good day everyone!

My name is Christian.

I have just recently found out about & got my hands on Ioni, as well as Ionicube.

I thought it could be useful, to try and put together an A&O topic, for some details on getting to know the Ioni and Ionicube products, from unpacking to “testdrive”, and add up to this topic appendingly. Also bring up a few questions to publicity, that i have been wondering about myself in a beginning phase.

So, im almost done wiring up, still need to solder a D-Sub connector for the encoder of my motor etc.

Im curious to try to get to know the basics of usage by simply wiring up one motor, and using a single axis first.


Do i mount all the drivers on to the Ionicube for this as well, or should i mount only a single driver? If i remember correct from smaller projects and components, a Driver doesnt like to be around, without a motor connected to it. “Atleast if it is energized”

Just want to play & stay safe!

Have a good day.

I guess you have the 4x ionicube? Just use a single driver in it if you have one servo connected, no need for the other axis to be present.

Thank you for the fast response! = )

Correct 4x Ionicube, sorry for missing that, i forgot there was a single one as well! : )

I noted the manual stated, it is very important to check that the Condensators are fully discharged when mounting the drivers to the Cube. So this is something i will have to keep in mind and remember later on, if adding more drivers. “Note To Self”

Yes, just switch psu off, and use something like 2.7R 2W or equivalent resistor to discharge across DC HV psu terminals at ionicube

Thanks for the confirm! :v:

Cheers Mate, have fun, always nice to play with new toys :wink:

Thanks alot, it is indeed!

And once one masters the art of using it, and tweaking it : )

Just got the encoder cable soldered, still need to double check it.

Have not got to the part in the manual yet, where communication with the board is presented, just out of curiosity. Does communication on the Rj-45 port work out of the box ? Because then i think i would skip USB from the beginning.

Is it ok, to skip the Regenerative diode i was advised about if running a motor without any load ?

Thanks in forehand : )

Hi Mate,
You cannot directly connect anything else to the ‘RJ-45’ port, than through a USB/RS485 converter! B very careful with that comms-port, any mistakes there and it will pop the comms-line.

Please check the wiki carefully, there are also other signals on that line that needs connection. There is a small break-out board available from Granite Devices for that purpose, otherwise you can hack a Norma straight-through Cat5 pigtail…

Running the motor without Regen is not advised though, as even spinning it up and slowing it down will create feedback on the uvw lines…maybe Esa can chime in here…

Allrighty thank you once again!

I will stick to USB for the time being then, that much i tested yesterday, that i was able to connect to the board.

Esa actually sent me an email about the Regen phenomena, and how i should deal with it. So i will proceed as advised : )

Just to make sure, can the Mini-Usb port located on the Ionicube be used for Simplemotion as well? Or is it just for config ?

Found on:

In most installations braking resistor is not needed at all. Resistor is needed in cases where fast moving motor with high inertial load is stopped rapidly causing conversion of the kinetic energy into electric current which needs to be dissipated by a resistor. Experimenting without resistor is safe as drive’s overvoltage protection will prevent any damage occurring. If drive faults to overvoltage fault during deceleration, then try adjusting Over voltage fault thresholdFOV to higher value or add a braking resistor.

So… Question is rather, Ive made the Encoder Cable, Mounted a single Ioni, Wired a motor, that is mounted without any load to a board i made and fastened securely, Connected the 24v logic power, Can i proceed without the resistor?

Got a Power Supply waiting for use on HV as well.

There is no need for me to even spin the motor a full revolution at this time.


You can test/setup an IONI without a motor connected. It will search for one, but if not found, you’ll get an error flag. No harm will come from this whatsoever.

In IONICUBE 4X, you will find a USB connector. It’s practically identical to the SMV2USB adapter, so you don’t have to use RJ45 cable. It’s also possible to connect multiple devices via the RH45 connector, and use just the usb cable for pc connection. In multiple device configuration, the last and only the last device needs to activate RS485 termination.

The regenerative resistor is to protect the drive power stage transistors from over voltage condition. If you are testing a setup with a lower HV voltage, say up to 24 V, then you don’t necessarily need a regenerative resistor. Also if you are driving the motor with low speeds and accelerations, then you might not need the resistor. If you are certain that in no situation the HV voltage rises higher than 60V, you should be safe without the resistor.

Kind regards,

Thank you Sir!

Ive got a 12v power supply reserved still unconnected. Awaiting your confirmation.

Intension is more or less only to move a few steps at a time slowly, just to confirm we are on our way.

Then i will start hunting for a resistor, as it will most certainly be needed for future purposes.

Called a childhood friend Working at Solving Oy, he suggested hooking up a Electrical Sauna, as it is found in most Finnish Home´s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am awaiting a 48v Psu that will initially replace the one used for testing.

Thank you for the confirm on USB side as well!

Would it be of any use for additional safety, to set a max rpm value of lets say 5 rpm?

As i now powered up the HV Psu for the first time, and restarted the drive, I have got a SL . - Indication on Led 2.

Do i need to adjust some Voltage Error levels in Granity maybe ?

– Solution Found In Manual –

Allright, So now i got to the point where i start setting things up in Granity.

The fault indications on the Led´s started dissapearing one after another.

However, Now i am stuck with a SSSL …- On Led number 2.

Other/unknown, possibly configuration error such as motor mode Motor typeMT not selected

I have selected Stepping motor and added the Motor details.

I set the Max speed to a value i assumed "failsafer" for running withouht Regen Resistor: 5 rpm.

MCC to 0,6 A

MMC to 2 A

MR to 0,33 Ohms

ML to 3mH

Quadrature Encoder 1 with 1000 PPR in the box as well.  ```

Any ideas?

Device State

Just noted the status page.

What do the states of Initialized !

represent for example?

The red exclamation marks show the status fields that are a cause for fault or other concern.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that the e-stop is activated, so the drive is in a fault stopped stage, it has not initialized at all since last start, and that the power state is forced off.

Thank you for the information Mika!

I must admit, i totally missed the part with the Emergency Stop, And have not even wired it.

Luckily i got a few of them on the shelf.

Could you confirm if the ----- tick ------- reception i have been receiving is related to the emergency circuit being trigged as wellTick ?