IONI Homing Behavior

I have been testing the homing behavior in Granity using an Ionicube with 2 Ioni Pro drives. One of these is driving a stepper on a linear actuator.

When I start homing from Granity, the actuator moves as expected until the homing switch opens.

At this point, the drive is disabled, and will not resume until I issue a “Force Enable” from Granity. At this point the drive begins working again as normal, but it never performs the offset move as defined (HMF). It does, however, zero the setpoint correctly.

If I jog the actuator back off the switch, the switch opens and the drive is, again, disabled. At this point it enters error recovery mode – presumably because it was unable to reach the target setpoint.

Again, I can force enable the drive and it successfully completes the move at error recovery speed.

This does not seem to be the expected behavior. With a defined offset move, I would expect the drive to move to home, zero the setpoint, then proceed with the offset move without requiring two enable commands. At no point are any faults reported. Is this correct behavior, or have I missed a required setting somewhere?

That might caused by a recently discovered issue with homing after Force enable has been used. The fix is coming in the next firmware version. Until then, don’t use force enable but instead enable it by wiring physical Enable and other needed signals.

I hope this helps!


I am not currently using X4/X5 at all, so once I can locate a jumper to activate the physical enable I will have to retest.

edit: Yes, this was the issue.

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