IONI drives manufactured after 1.2017, minor hardware change, BiSS

IONICube 4x,
IONI manufactured after 1.2017.

1.6.0-beta1 will not flash (is based on IONI FW 1.5.6, so too old) but is the only stated BiSS supporting firmware in wiki.

Should the IONI FW 1.5.8 also work with BiSS (latest granity allows max 24 bits for single turn resolution, no higher), or should there be another beta firmware available?

Thank you for your time!

There is a new beta with BiSS support in the making that is based on later FW version, which will support the new Ioni hardware revision. Stay tuned.

Is there possibility to give ETA for the BiSS beta release? We are attempting to use IONI/IONICube as a component for a system with a hard deadline and even rough estimate of release time would help.

Thank you for your time!

Just released the 1.6.0 beta 2 and Granity 1.13.0. Check them out from Wiki :slight_smile:

Let us know if any problems arise.