IONI Drive with Nanotec DF45 resonance problems

I have a problem regarding tuning a Nanotec DF45 motor with CUI 102 encoder.

My hardware configuration:
-IONI pro with Cube 1X
-Nanotec DF45 16 pole 3 phase 65watt BLDC
-24V 25 amp Meanwell PSP600 PSU

Problems arise which are most clearly seen when tuning velocity:

-tuning velocity I am seeing a resonance which peaks in intensity at 1500 rpm and makes a medium high pitched noise with vibration. At higher rpm it is diminished.

-In the graph when testing at speed of 13 rev/sec it can be clearly seen as regular glitches in the velocity at intervals approximately .08 seconds. (12.5 hz)

I have attached following files:


Any suggestions appreciated…

Hey, check the power supply voltage graph together with velocity graph - 4*12.5 = 50Hz and that may hint PSU as source.

Thanks for the suggestion. I first thought that myself, but have since discovered it was actually the encoder. (The glitch is once per revolution of the motor…)

I assume you don’t need much help, Gerald, but I’ve been suing lots of the IONI drives…including for a project we worked with your stuff on. May I ask what you’re building? I like your stuff, and I’d like to keep abreast of what you’re up to! Remember the Remote Crane (Will Handley & I)?