Ioni COM port not found

je n’arrive pas a configurer dans granity mon moteur car il ne trouve pas de port com pour granity dans gestionnaire de périphérique si une personne pourrait m’aider merci d’avance

You might need to install FTDI Virtual Com port drivers from ftdi website.

ok merci pourriez vous me donner le lien de téléchargement

bonjour merci j’ai télécharge l’éxécutable j’ai installer mais je ne vois toujours pas dans le gestionnaires de périphérique le port merci pour votre aide

personne pour m’aider?

Try in English! I personally can’t help, sorry. But if people at least understand what you write that sure would help!
Les gens ne savent pas français. Il faut que tu écris en anglais ! Moi,je peux pas vous aider parce que j’ai une Simucube 2

hello I installed the ftdi file in executable but we still do not see the com port to connect to granity thank you in advance

What control board do you have the Ioni plugged into?

What software/firmware are you using to connect?

logiciel granity 1.15.3 firmware 1.7.21simucube 1.0.40

Do you have SimHub or some other software running which could reserve com ports?

not other software in the pipeline

And you have both USB cables connected, right?

And clicking enable Ioni button in the Simucube software?

everything is plugg in and enabled

I would try switching USB cables to a different USB port on the PC.
Preferably on the Motherboard and USB 2.0

Does the control function?
Can you drive a car in the Simulator/game?

i can drive the cars

hello friends thank you for all your help it works I can access granity I just removed and handed over the two usb cable and my port was present thank you

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You are very welcome!
Glad you have it working