IONI BLDC motor Commutation

When commutation from IONI, I wonder about the amount of movement.
Could you give me an answer?

My hardware configuration:
-BLDC motor Lineaer

Hi Younhwan

Assuming position mode, one step pulse (or quadrature pulse) will result in movement of one encoder CPR step. This also assumes MUL = DIV in the configuration parameters.

If the linear encoder has total resolution of 1000 pulses/mm, then that amount of pulses is needed in order to move the motor 1 mm.

Detailed configuration instructions are here:

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Dear, Esa
I do not understand your answer well.
What I would like to know is that when commutation runs, I want to know the approximate moving distance. I am using a resolution encoder of 100pulse / mm. At this time, I would like to know the amount of moving distance during commutation operation.

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Hi Younhwan

Do you mean the moving distance in the motor initialization?

If not, please explain what do you mean with “commutation operation”.

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I think he means Phasing, also known as phase search:

Thank you for your help.