Ioni 4x rpm question

I have a question regarding (ioni 4x)

My hardware configuration:
-(ioni 4x)
-(mige 80st 4/12nm 220v)

Problems arise when:
-(describe how/where it happens)

i have work with argon and simucube and now i buy a ioni 4x, dont start with his yet i want to know about the performace what RPM i can get,i will have, if my motor is 220v 3000rpm, and i will use a 48v power suply, i will have what voltage to calculate my rpm?

i fount it on wiki
I.e. at 48V supply, the maximum three-phase motor output voltage is 32.2 V RMS phase-to-phase

it will be 96,6V with my 3phase motor ? 96/220 X 3000 RPM = 1317 rpm??

Hi Rodrigo

The maximum phase-to-phase voltrage is the 32.2 V with 48V PSU, so a rough estimate would be 32.2V/220V * 3000 rpm = 439 rpm.

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Thz for reply Esa.

The servo motor has 3 phase it will continus 32.2v ?

And if i have ioni 4x its only acecpt 48v psu? Have another thing i can do to get more rpm speed with this motherbord?

Hi Rodrigo

The maximum PSU voltage for IONI is bit over 50 V. The 48 V is a standard (= cost effective) PSU output voltage so they are easy to source.

IONI voltage specifications can be found here:

If you need more speed from IONI drives, then the motor has to be one made for lower voltage.

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thz ESA

i start the project with that RPM i will incresse speed with high ball screw,

the photo

the motor is working without error in granity

im using the same code to my stepper, EN, PULL and Direction, i put the pin(adruinos) 5(en) 6(pul) 7(dir) on X4 - 1(en) 2(pul) 3 (dir) its right? because the motor dont moves, have sugestion?

the PWM is about 1-1.7khz

Hi Rodrigo

The X4 pin are:

  1. Enable
  2. Pulse/step
  3. direction

The X4 pin 2 is PWM input for VFD input.

Also, connect Arduino GND to IONICUBE GND.

You can check the read setpoint pulses with Granity/Testing using the servoscope. Select position setpoint and position achieved and you can see how the motor reponds to the steps from the Arduino.

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Thz esa its works, my mistake was see 1,2,3 but is 1 3 5, i checj wiring of beano is ioni 4x project for open sim wheel and now its working and i can get 8-8.25 rps/s is about 500rpm, more than we calculate, with 9-10 rps i get error and drive stops, lets see when i put load wheigh if 8rps will dont fault, thak u very much.

I more thing, i using a 80stm04025 4/12nm how can i how the max mmc (amps) i can use to obtain 4 or 12 peak nm? I now my mige 130st (small mige sinulaters call) is 12.86A to get 20nm (peak) in this motor

Hi Rodrigo

If you check Granity/Testing, there are the status indicators and fault flags. Check those after the drive faults and see why it happened.

I found a datasheet for the 80STM04025, here:

On the page 4-5 are the MCC and MMC, 4.4A and 13.2A respectively.

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Very thz is working very good and rpm in testing is max 9.5rps now, and i will get 9.5 x 25mm ball screw 237mm/s thats is very good.

My project is a linear actuador, and when the drive stars, the motor turns right and left, and my actuador can be in the finish line and the motor cant do this moviment in starts in 2 directions, just one, can i modify ou remove this movement when starts?

Hi Rodrigo

The movement is the motor initialization, and it’s mandatory if hall sensors are not wired.

Is there enough space for the initialization in the middle of the actuator? If the motor hits the end while phasing, the magnetic angle information is not correct and is highly likely to cause issues in the motion control. These include stalled motor, much higher drive current, or runaway motor.

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I even have the margin for the engine to start in the middle of the actuator, the problem that the actuator due to the weight of the cockpit always throws the actuator to the lowest level until it turn off, I still have not mounted the actuator on the servo, thinking to verify the initialization and by a thread that the sense of initialization if it is standard, do not hit the end of course, but i thing the motor turns one direction, but will hit the end, follows video attachment of my project with step motor ita working, the settper dont moves when starst.

Im using a simucube with 130st servo motor for sterring wheel and 3 stepper for motion, stepper does a sound when moves, because this i want use servo, that dont do sound on highs rpm like stepper, sorry my english

I try select hall sensor and its working… without starts phase turns, i dont know if my servo have hall sensor, i think no, is a encoder 2500ppr but is working… with position mode

Hi Rodrigo

Awesome looking project! :grinning:

IONI gives a fault if there is no hall sensor installed, but selected to be used.

You can verify your hall-sensor output by checking the hall sensor output statuses in Granity/Testing. They are in the physical inputs section.

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if u have 2 minutos to see my video i made to show my configurations and if have hall sensor.

in my encoder cable i have wiring all in DB15 plug, maybe U V W is a hall sensor Connection?

Hi Rodrigo

Yes, the U, V, and W are the hall-sensor signals. The video also shows their state to change normally.

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