International Warranty?


Anyone know where I can find the warranty policy for international buyers?

I move around quite a bit, so I would like to know what are / are not covered after I move to a country with a different / no official distributor.


Pretty sure the warranty in this case is provided by manufacturer, not distributor.
May be GD folks can clear this up.

Warranty is the responsibility of the reseller. We offer 2-year warranty (5 for Ultimate) and the repairs/replacements go through the reseller.

For special cases and to expedite the process, we can send the replacement or repaired device directly to the end user, but only if it is within the EU.

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How does that work for US (or any other country) folks getting SC2 from simracingbay instead of local distributor?

The distributor/reseller re-imports the product to EU and ships back replacement/repaired product.

You have to ship it back to Tomo at Simracingbay.

He can issue a pickup tag if that is what is needed.
He also gets very good shipping rates. So if for some reason you have to pay shipping it would be lower than on your own.
I would never hesitate to purchase from Simracingbay, even if I lived on the Moon.:grinning:

Like Mika said you have to ship back to the reseller you purchased from.
That is why if you have a decent reseller in your own country it is best to purchase from them.


Thanks guys for the info.

And the shipping to and back from distributor is at seller or buyer’s cost?


I would think that would be according to the terms of the reseller.
I doubt Granite devices can make that policy.

The reseller is saying that there’s no serial number on the Ultimate. Is this true?

How do I prove to the reseller that it’s a unit that is supplied from them?

Sorry for all these questions. It’s a pretty big purchase, so just wanted to make sure.

All devices should have a soft serial number anyway :wink:

Ok. But how to prove the unit with a particular soft serial number come from the reseller? Or is there an online product / warranty registration?