Internal state machine documentation

Hi Granite Devices !
I try to understand your SimuCUBE firmware,and I saw that the code was based on a state machine (in your main.cpp).
Do you have a documentation (pdf for example) on this state machine ?

Thanks a lot,


We have some internal documenation on it, but its not in a publishable form. Basically the state machine concerns getting the communications with the servo drive correct (make connection, ask some parameters, update FW if required, bump the baudrate to maximum supported, calculate some variables based on current profile parameters (BeforeOperational state), and looping just in the Operational state.

Any change to any setup parameters by the PC software will cause one round of running the BeforeOperational -state.

There has been some recent improvements and changes in our internal repositories, but the general architecture is still as it is. We will update the Simucube 1 firmware 1.0.xx version source codes to the open source repository once we have solved the outstanding issues with it.