Instal simucube 2 on simucube board

Hi everybody, im stuck in my project of dd wheel and i doubt about myself. Is it possible to uprgrade a simucube 1r-005 with simucube 2 firmware. I think i made an file error and put the wrong firware into the simucube. See picture below.

Here my board.

No, you cannot. Simucube 2 is a totally different (complete) direct-drive wheel solution, with upgraded micro-controllers and drive-stage, to diy SC1 board.

Not compatible.

You can quite easily flash back the dfu bootloader to the SC1 board and reload correct FW to SC1.

Refer to the Simucube wiki on how to do this.

Simucube 2 firmware package is not separately available, so you must have really done something very strange if you got that installed. It would not work at all.

The about -dialog has the same content for both Simucube 1 and 2 due to cost of maintaining the text in it.

Ok so if the about dialog box has the same text.I assume I’m wrong and have the good firware. And these version number under the reload setting box are the good one. Maybe I’m juste confused because I’m sitting on the table since 20hrs to try to see my wheel in game contrôler :joy:.