Ignored from granite device support

Hi there,
After a very strange issue with my sc2 pro unit, I tried to get in contact with granite device support.
After few emails, where I discussed the problem and sent them all the infos/pics/videos showing my problem, they didn’t answer me back anymore.
Their last answer was last friday.
Do they always behave this way? Do they care about their customers?
How could I use my warranty if they do not even answer me or give me a solution?
I am actually very, very disappointed especially because we are talking about very expensive items.

Its the summer holiday season.

Its common use to say that when you are actually having a conversation with someone, that you would’nt be able to reply in the next days, instead of just disappearing.
Don’t you think so?

Out of pure curiosity, and because you asked the community: did they provide you answers/suggestions/solutions you either didn’t like, didn’t believe, didn’t accept? Or do you feel totally abandoned by them because they responded without responding (which would be very unusual)?